When Your Life Is In Order - You Can Avoid These Unfortunate Circumstances:

Without a Will or Living Trust

  • The wrong family member took over your finances, when you were unable to do so, so much of your money was squandered instead of benefitting other loved ones.
  • Your family left you hooked-up to life-support much too long and the cost became outrageous because your intentions weren’t written down. Now some of your children feel guilt for making a decision that you wanted all along.
  • Your estate, as small as it was, got tied-up in probate for years because you didn’t take time to make out a simple, inexpensive will or even an interim one. You didn’t realize only $75,000 in assets triggers probate in Arizona.


  • Your granddaughter appreciated the jewelry you left her but had no idea of the story behind some of the most precious pieces – or their true value.
  • Your kids put a $12,000 antique chest you owned on a carport sale and sold it for $150. They could have made much more.
  • When writing your obituary, your children thought you were born in one city when you were really born in another and didn’t know the names of your half or step-siblings, or where they live, to include them as additional survivors.
  • With only 23% of the American population reading the newspaper today, many people who should have seen your obituary, did not. So, the people, who would have wanted to know, did not get notified.
  • Your family didn’t see a safe deposit key anywhere, so they assumed you didn’t have one. In that box were gold and silver coins worth $20,000. Unfortunately, the annual invoice for the box was mailed by the bank when your home was already sold. Because of the sale, the kids left no forwarding address at the post office, therefore that money was lost forever.
  • Nobody could agree about the kind of funeral or memorial service you should have. Some thought you wanted one thing and others believed you should have been something else because you never made it clear. So, nobody got to come to the big, rowdy party you really wanted.
  • Your cremation ashes were another bone of contention. Some of your children guessed where you might want them scattered and some wanted to keep them - not realizing you’d have been happy if they just divided them and everybody got what they wanted.
  • Years later when your grandchildren and great grandchildren wanted to know more about your colorful relatives, nobody remembered anything you ever shared over the years and there was nothing left behind for people to read so the legacy of your loved ones could continue.
  • When your children reached their 60’s, they realized they really didn’t really know much about their Mom or Dad’s early life. As we all do, they wish they would have asked more questions. Over the years, you just felt silly talking too much about yourself – so you didn’t – and your children ended up never really knowing you at all.

YOUR LIFE IN ORDER preempts all these unfortunate circumstanes, and more, by capturing your memories, your intentions and by sharing information that will benefit the value of the estate you leave behind. Best of all, you don’t have to write a thing – someone else does all that for you and packages everything in one, convenient place for family reference later.