Thank God for MY LIFE IN ORDER’s Personal Property Inventory. My kids don’t have a clue about what my stuff is worth. Now, they will know.

AK Sun City

My attorney referred me to MY LIFE IN ORDER to help me organizing my estate in areas his firm doesn’t do. The process has been a blessing and now my mind is at ease.

SA Tempe

My mother is 96 and the last member of her 11-sibbling family. MY LIFE IN ORDER helped me create a video of her so she could talk about her life intimately with us. It was affordable and the best gift I could ever give my grandchildren.

RP Arizona/Texas

MY LIFE IN ORDER’s Personal Property Inventory made it possible for my granddaughter to know about the bracelet her Poppa gave me when I gave birth to her Daddy, the sandstone heart my Momma found as a little girl and later I made into a pendent and other special pieces that have a story. In the future, this will make it easier for her to decide which pieces to keep and which to sell.

SLC Mesa

I wanted my kids and grandkids to remember our family history so MY LIFE IN ORDER wrote down, much better than I could, the important things. Not in a book, just in very short anecdotes about my parents and grandparents that my kids will remember and hopefully repeat.

PKC Scottsdale

I’d never write a book but MY LIFE IN ORDER crafted a list of the most significant moments in my life that my children can read in later years and share with other family members. It will be nice to be remembered with some detail.

TP Phoenix