MY LIFE IN ORDER is great. Sandy helped me complete a job I’ve been putting off for years in a professional, kind and timely manner. I’ve known her for years and she is totally trustworthy. I couldn’t be happier. Personal Property Inventory. My kids don’t have a clue about what my stuff is worth. Now, they will know.

RPP Mesa, AZ

The Personal Property Inventory that MY LIFE IN ORDER offers made it possible for my family to know which pieces of furniture and jewelry have either sentimental significance or are particularly valuable so, in the future it will be easier for them to decide which pieces to keep, which to sell and where to sell things to obtain maximum value.

SLC Mesa, AZ

As a retired, former Certified Public Accountant with extensive experience in estate work, I was most impressed with MY LIFE IN ORDER. In our increasingly complex world, this service brilliantly fulfills he extremely important challenge of identifying, organizing and updating the essential information needed by accountants, lawyers, insurers, Realtors, the medical community, legal administrators and family members.

KER Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and Basalt, CO

I appreciate the fact that my mother is making accessing the details of her estate so easy for me when the time comes. MY LIFE IN ORDER will really simplify everything at a time that will surely be stressful.

JDC Phoenix, AZ

As a homebuilding and marketing executive for decades, I have collected so many items and events in my life. That said, I had been procrastinating for years to get MY LIFE IN ORDER without success. This was just too formidable a task to do alone - then along came Sandy with a complete and thorough offering with very reasonable pricing. I am almost ready to dump this incredible job on her to start the process. MY LIFE IN ORDER is the solution for me.

WP Sun City, AZ

MY LIFE IN ORDER is the greatest gift you can give your children.

CCB Mesa, AZ

MY LIFE IN ORDER was especially important to me because I have many family heirlooms - many well over 200 years old that needed to be identified by family member origin as well as who will inherit. Each piece has a history worthy of detailing and MY LIFE IN ORDER is the perfect professional opportunity to chronicle that history.

SO Sun Lakes, AZ